United Firefighters Union Queensland


Code 2, Vol 26 No 32 - UNITED WE STAND!

In this Edition - Firefighters and Ambulance Officers working together to protect your rights and conditions. Click here to see joint letter from United Firefighters Union QLD and United Voice QLD.

EB Newsletter 6-2012 - We won't be rushed into accepting a sub-standard agreement

In this edition - IMPORTANT - ALL MEMBERS NEED TO READ - State Government Agenda, Negotiations, Wage rises, Aggregate Wage.

UFUQ Safety Siren Alert 18th June 2012 - Operational Warning

In this edition - Operational Warning - Photovoltaic (PV) array safety guidelines and safety considerations for damaged photovoltaic arrays

EB Newsletter 5-2012 - Outcome of first EB meeting

In this edition - Outcome of UFU and QFRS first meeting regarding the log of claimss

EB Newsletter 4-2012 - Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations Start

In this edition - QFRS to meet with UFU over EB.


The United Firefighters' Union in Queensland represents Urban firefighters, both career, part-time, Scientific Officers and Communication Officers. The Union is made up of members throughout the state of Queensland, as far as Thursday Island to the North and to the borders of our great state. READ MORE