United Firefighters Union Queensland


EB Newsletter 2-2012 - First EB Meeting Cancelled

In this edition - QFRS does not have authority from the new LNP Government to negotiate Enterprise Bargaining

Code 2, Vol 26, No 30 - New State IR Laws

In this Edition - Recommendation from the Parliamentary Finance and Administration Committee that the new IR Bill be passed and the effect that this may have on Enterprise Bargaining.

Code 2, Vol 26, No 29 - Funeral for Ron Kidner

In this edition - funeral details for Member Ron Kidner

Code 2, Vol 26, No 28 - Local Branch Elections Declaration

In this edition - Declaration results for local branches.

Code 2, Vol 26, No 27 - Operational Support Unit Dispute – QIRC Decision

In this edition - Decision made by the QIRC in regards to the OSV.


The United Firefighters' Union in Queensland represents Urban firefighters, both career, part-time, Scientific Officers and Communication Officers. The union is made up of members throughout the state of Queensland, as far as Thursday Island to the North and to the borders of our great state. READ MORE