United Firefighters Union Queensland


Code 2 : v34#12 Aurion payroll errors and inconsistencies

In this edition - It has been around a month since QFES transitioned its entire staff onto the Aurion payroll system.

Code 2 : v34#11 COVID-19 leave arrangements confirmed

In this edition - Following on from previous updates relating to COVID-19 leave arrangements, I can now advise that I have received correspondence from QFES confirming that they will be administratively applying the relevant provisions from Directive 01/20 – Employment Arrangements in the Event of a Health Pandemic to Fire and Rescue.

Auxiliary Update : Auxiliary Update - 20 March 2020

On Monday 16 March 2020 the Office of Industrial Relations published Directive 01/20 – Employment Arrangements in the Event of a Health Pandemic which can be found here.

CA Updates : CA19 Update 17

I have written to Fire and Rescue and QFES about the unavoidable changes to the way both your union and Fire and Rescue work during the unprecedented control measures evolving relating to COVID19, you can find a copy of that correspondence here.

Code 2 : v34#10 COVID19 – UFUQ State Office Risk Controls

In this edition - You are all well aware of the complex and rapidly evolving arrangements related to COVID19 being advised and/or prescribed by state and federal governments and chief medical officers.


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