United Firefighters Union Queensland


Code 2 : V 33 #25 Christmas and New Year

Code 2 : v33#24 SCM Appointements

In this edition - Newly appointed delegates to SCM.

CA Updates : CA19 Update 15

In this edition - As you are no doubt aware, your union successfully obtained provisions within the new agreement for a Safe Crewing Task Force (SCTF) (clause 12 of CA19).

Code 2 : v33#23 Central Region ‘Cultural Refresh’ a total failure

In this edition - You may recall that your union forced QFES to arrange an external investigation into bullying and other behaviours in the Central Region. After years of QFES ignoring the problems (or worse, regularly stating that no one was reporting any problems so there were no problems) an external investigation resulted in significant changes in the region.

Code 2 : v33#22 Claiming the ‘IN FIELD ALLOWANCE’ when deployed – When can you and how do you?

In this edition - Many of you have recently completed, or are currently on deployments dealing with the fires across the state. As a result, the new provisions of CA19 that relate to deployment conditions are applicable to you for all work completed on deployment after 6 November 2019 (the commencement date of CA19).


The United Firefighters' Union in Queensland represents Urban firefighters, both career, part-time, Scientific Officers and Communication Officers. The union is made up of members throughout the state of Queensland, as far as Thursday Island to the North and to the borders of our great state. READ MORE