CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 18 : 16 may 2016

GWN – Your concerns presented to QFES

Many of you have raised valid concerns regarding the performance of the GWN network.

These concerns all appear to have been supported by evidence from you demonstrating the apparent failings of the GWN and you have been providing them to QFES and your union. 

I wanted to let you know that your union has taken and is continuing to take your concerns very seriously and to date we have formally reported them to QFES.

We have both written to, and held meetings with QFES regarding the evidence that has been coming in relating to GWN appearing to not work as intended.

However, I can now report that a delegation of UFUQ firefighter representatives from SER, NCR and Brisbane Regions met with the GWN team Monday 16 May 2016, to highlight the growing list of critical flaws.

The UFUQ would like to thank those firefighters for the very comprehensive presentation of the issues to the GWN team.

The UFUQ is now in discussions with the QFES and searching for solutions to the issues that have been raised. The issues raised are almost a mirror copy of each other across each region that has commenced using the GWN network.

Both your safety and community safety appear to be at risk if the GWN is failing to operate as it was intended.

I will keep raising our concerns with GWN and pushing for an appropriate response from QFES that includes a consistent and workable solution.