CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 22 : 14 june 2016

Growing concern over Queensland exposure to cancer risk

On Friday 27 May 2016 I wrote to you about the damning report of the investigation into the Fiskville CFA/MFB training facility in Victoria. Recent reports are now showing a growing concern with the negative health effects caused by the exposure to toxic firefighting foams globally.

As advised, I wrote to QFES requesting urgent commencement of discussions around how the findings and recommendations within the report may impact on UFUQ members across Queensland.

On Thursday 9 June 2016, QFES responded inviting your union to organise a meeting to commence discussions regarding the issue.  We are arranging for a meeting to occur as soon as possible and I will inform you of the outcomes of that meeting once it has occurred.

Since the previous Code 2 regarding this matter, many of you have contacted the state office, reporting similar sorts of activities and potential exposures to those listed in the Fiskville report as being linked to cancer illnesses and deaths in the Victorian MFB and CFA.

I have commenced developing a small working group of concerned members from across the state to work with the state office on this issue.

I have also been contacted by media outlets, TV and print, asking questions about the impact of the findings within the Fiskville report on Queensland firefighter members of UFUQ.

Please click here to listen to the 4BC radio interview on Wednesday 8 June 2016 regarding toxic firefighting foam.

I will continue to speak to media and am keen to hear your concerns and to receive any information you may have about the history and current practices of the type discussed in the Fiskville report.

A copy of the Victorian Branch's summary of the report can be found here and we have also provided a link here to the Victorian Parliament's report.

You can email your information or questions to [email protected] and as always I will keep you updated as this issue develops.


John Oliver - State Secretary