CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 29 : 01 july 2016



Your union can report that the secret plan to completely restructure Firecom without any consultation, was suspended by the QFES Commissioner on Friday 1 July 2016.

I have been keeping you informed about your union’s efforts to seek out information on the secret Firecom plan and thankfully a significant amount of background information and documentation was supplied by you and your colleagues (UFUQ members) right across QFES.

A large amount of detail was provided, and verified by multiple contacts.  At the same time, phone hook-ups across the state with many members and visits to four Firecom locations occurred.

Your union was able to put together a clear picture of a secret plan that was crafted and ready to implement, without the knowledge of FCO’s or your union.

Let me be clear – certain people within QFES management have been exposed as having made a choice to conceal the secret Firecom restructure plan from you.

Upon having a clear picture of the fully developed plan, I held several urgent briefings explaining the plan and its impacts on not only public safety and our firefighters at emergency incidents, but also on all FCO members of the UFUQ.

In the briefings, I identified the problems with staffing, rostering and the urgent need to address these and other issues right across all seven Firecom locations.

Make no mistake, your union is supportive of a future for QFES involving GWN, but not until many long-term problems are addressed.

Over the coming days, I will work with QFES to develop a fully transparent, consultative process involving your union and FCO’s.

From the moment we identified the gravity of the plan and the secrecy and deliberate concealment tactics of QFES, we have been totally supportive of ensuring FCO’s were protected, and fully informed.

We take this opportunity to thank the many members across all seven regions who came forward with background information.  There is no doubt that your valuable input to your union assisted directly in the plan being suspended.

Only your union will continue to keep you openly, totally and fully informed on this matter, I will keep you regularly updated.