CODE 2, VOL 29, NO 50 : 18 december 2015

UFUQ President (Acting) – Larry Cullen

Many of you will know Larry Cullen, a member of the UFUQ executive for 6 years and a Station Officer in Brisbane.

In the meeting of the Executive held last Friday 11 December 2015, Larry was elected as Acting President.

Larry will remain as the Queensland President until elections are held in the New Year.

Please join with me in welcoming Larry to the Acting President’s role.

Christmas and New Year

The traditional annual holiday season is upon us.
This period of the year means different things to different people.

For our members, it can mean work and separation from family and friends. Particularly those working shift work or across the public holidays. 

With recent tragic reports of two Victorian firefighter suicides, I encourage all members to look out for each other, especially across this time of the year. Remember help is there if you need it.

UFUQ Head Office

The UFUQ office administration staff will be on annual leave from Tuesday 22 December 2015 until Monday 4 January 2016. 

If you urgently need to speak to a union representative during that period, it is best that you contact your local UFUQ branch representative here or SCM representative here and they can assess the situation and contact an industrial officer as required.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish every member a safe and happy Christmas and I look forward to working with and for you again in the New Year.

John Oliver - State Secretary