CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 41 : 21 October 2016

GWN handheld radios (APX6000XE) – UFUQ engages independent examination of electronic emissions

In line with continuing concerns with the GWN communications system, we have identified another potential issue.

We have been made aware that the APX6000XE radios are potentially causing some electronic switch board circuit breakers to trip if the radios are used within a certain range.
We are not able to communicate to you what is being emanated from the radios, nor can we comment on the output strength of the emissions.

Therefore your union has engaged a nationally recognised expert in electronic emissions to sample the radios and provide us with an urgent report and I am also currently obtaining some urgent information about potential immediate risks to health and safety to you when using these radios.

I strongly encourage you to use caution regarding this issue, as until we get some preliminary and then further detailed information, we cannot advise you regarding your continued use of the radios.  Until I report further information to you, your union recommends continuing under normal operating procedures.

I will keep you informed as this situation evolves and I will write to the QFES to set up a meeting to discuss this situation once we have received the independent test reports.