AUXILIARY UPDATE : 21 january 2022


If you have previously been deployed, I have no doubt you have experienced some confusion about what conditions of employment apply to you, and your managers may have also expressed some uncertainty about what conditions of employment apply to you.

This is because your Award does not contemplate this type of engagement, and as a result there have historically been varying conditions provided to Auxiliary Firefighters depending on the region you are ordinarily employed in.

In an effort to address this confusion, and to ensure that no matter what region you are ordinarily employed in you will receive the same conditions of employment while on deployment, your union has been negotiating with QFES to develop an agreed set of deployment conditions for Auxiliary Firefighters.

I am pleased to report that these negotiations have now finalised and the UFUQ and QFES have reached agreement on the Guideline – Auxiliary Firefighter Deployment Conditions
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. You can find a copy of the deployment conditions 

This is a great outcome for Auxiliary members, putting an end to the confusion and ensuring consistency across all 7 regions.

John Oliver - General Secretary 

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD