CODE 2: communications officers UPDATE

03 November 2016


Since last Thursday, 27 October 2016, your union has been receiving a significant amount of contact from Firecom members regarding the reduction of operators in communications centres in all QFES regions.

It has now come to my attention that this is an issue that has been experienced within Firecom for some time, and has seen a recent increase in occurrence.

I thank each of you that has brought this issue to my attention. The work carried out within Firecom is vital to community safety and firefighter safety, and your union considers any issue which diminishes your ability to carry out your role effectively as one of great concern.

Rest assured, your union is paying close attention to this issue. At this stage, we seek to gather evidence that will assist with pursuing the matter with QFES (and the government, if required). We will continue to monitor the situation in the interim.

Should a reduction of operators occur on a shift in your communications centre, or if it has occurred in the last month, please complete the form found at the link here[email protected]

I will keep you updated as this issue develops.


John Oliver - General Secretary