CODE 2, VOL 31, NO 21 : 02 june 2017


Agreement certified and commenced!

After over 12 months of preparation, development, negotiation and then finally a hearing, I am happy to say that the new certified agreement covering your employment has commenced.

At the QIRC hearing on Wednesday 31 May 2017, the agreement was certified and commenced immediately.  In addition, all previous industrial instruments were terminated and no longer have any effect.

The 2016 certified agreement and the modern award are now the only industrial instruments that apply to all professional firefighters and fire communication officers.

You can find the decision and the final certified copy of your new agreement here

As previously mentioned, QFES will work with Shared Services to apply your 1 October 2016 wage rise of 2.5% as quickly as possible.  The back pay component of your wages from that date will take a little longer, we do not have a firm estimate from Shared Services as to when you will receive your back pay. 

You are also due another 2.5% wage rise from 1 July 2017, so with the first and second wage rises due in the next four weeks, and then your back pay, there is no doubt the positive financial outcomes for you and your colleagues will flow through to you quite quickly.

Those eligible for a movement in pay points will also see these changes taking effect for the first time in July 2017.

If you have questions relating to your wage increases, back pay, pay point progressions, new entitlements, or how other existing entitlements are to be affected, speak to your local payroll and HR contacts, or local management. It is their responsibility to be across the changes arising from the commencement of your new agreement, and to be ready to respond to your queries appropriately.

If after doing that, you believe you are not receiving the correct information or the correct payments, speak to your station delegate, branch or SCM representative about collating your evidence for resolution as required.

I encourage you to download and peruse the new agreement, as there are many benefits to all members, both firefighters and fire communication officers well beyond the wage related increases.

There is still much to be done to develop content to support the new agreement.  Working parties for that content will start to form in June 2017.

I thank all members who contributed ideas and attended meetings during the stations visits held between March and June 2016. 

This new agreement has been built on the input from you and your colleagues and your union is proud to have been able to work with you, the state government and QFES to deliver these positive outcomes, which are in stark contrast to the circumstances we found ourselves in trying to negotiate an agreement in 2012-2013.


John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD