CODE 2, VOL 31, NO 16 : 21 april 2017

Deployment conditions

Recently, your union has received a significant amount of contact from members regarding deployment conditions and the various wage claims arising from the recent deployments in response to Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

As a result, your union has contacted Fire and Rescue and we are meeting with them early next week.

During this meeting we will work through the various issues, and hope to provide some clarity for members soon after.

I ask that all members who are affected by this issue remain patient and await further advice from your union subsequent to the meeting with Fire and Rescue.

In the meantime, in preparation for any potential wage claims in the near future, I ask that those affected collate the following information for reference when the time comes –

1. A record of the hours, times and days you worked while on deployment,
2. A record of what you would have ordinarily worked had you not been on deployment (your ordinary hours on your roster),
3. A record of what you have claimed on your relevant timesheet,
4. A record of what you have and haven’t been paid by Fire and Rescue, and
5. A record of what attempt/s you have made to resolve any outstanding issue/s with regional HR and/or payroll, including the reason/s provided to you (preferably in writing) as to why your claim has not been accepted.

I will keep you updated as this issue develops.

UFUQ helmet stickers

I wrote to you recently reporting that your union was working towards approval for UFUQ helmet stickers being placed upon, or remaining upon, your turn-out helmets.

I am pleased to report that as of Friday 21 April 2017, Fire and Rescue have agreed to this.

If you have the current 2017 member sticker on your helmet, you can now leave that sticker there.

Should you wish to obtain a sticker, please contact your SCM representative.  SCM representatives can collate the numbers of stickers required and these will be distributed in the near future.

Your union advises you that only the annual member stickers are approved for placement on your helmet, this is not an opportunity to place any other material on the helmet.

We thank Fire and Rescue for their acknowledgement of your proud support of your union membership through your helmet sticker.

Each year, an approved UFUQ member sticker will be issued to you for replacement of the previous year’s sticker.


John Oliver – General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD