CODE 2, VOL 31, NO 17 : 05 may 2017

Labour Day March

On Monday your fellow union members joined with thousands of other working people across Queensland to celebrate Labour Day.

There was a large media presence at the Brisbane march, documenting an estimated turnout of 30,000 people. We marched together to the RNA showgrounds for a BBQ and a cold beer, and the young families had a blast playing on the rides and collecting their showbags.

The UFUQ procession was the largest we have seen in years. It was lucky that we decided to rent a larger tent than last year to accompany the additional firefighters and their families.

UFUQ also maintained a strong presence at other regional centres, including Toowoomba, Gladstone and Bowen. The Toowoomba Branch marched alongside an old Bailey Ladder Appliance, borrowed from the Queensland Fire Museum for the occasion.

I would like to thank all who participated on the day, and especially our office admin staff for their tireless work and impeccable organisation.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the marches next year, for what is always a good day.


I am pleased to report that on Wednesday 3 May 2017 I signed a copy of the draft certified agreement on behalf of all members. 

QFES will now submit the draft in an application to the QIRC.  The matter will be listed for a hearing and all parties will appear to consent to the new agreement being certified by the QIRC.

This means we are very close to a commencement date.

I will provide further updates as the certified agreement process flows through to the final stage of commencement.


UFU Life Member Arthur Rogers, aged 87, passed away on Wednesday 26 April. 

Arthur joined the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1951, and then moved to Queensland in 1954 to marry Dell, his wife of 60 years. 

In 1955 Arthur joined the Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade.  At that time, all Queensland Firefighters were members of the Australian Workers Union (AWU).

In 1967, Arthur organised a steering committee of firefighters whose aim it was to set up a branch of the United Firefighters Union in Queensland.

In the early 1970’s Arthur and the then National UFU Secretary Bill Webber toured the length and breadth of Queensland - from Coolangatta to Cairns to Mt Isa - signing up career firefighters. All but a handful left the AWU and joined the UFU.

Arthur’s biggest fight (and victory) was against the Rockhampton Fire Board when, in 1971, the Board sacked all the Firefighters in their employ that joined the UFU. 

His struggle to get his Rockhampton members reemployed took 4 years, but he never once gave up, and when everybody else thought that all was lost he continued the fight until the Supreme Court of Queensland sacked the Fire Board and ordered that all the sacked UFU members be reinstated with compensation.

In 1976, as a result of overwhelming support from Queensland firefighters, the Queensland Industrial Commission accepted Arthur’s application for the state registration of the Queensland UFU Branch and the UFUQ was born.  Arthur was then elected by the rank and file firefighters as the first State Secretary of the newly registered UFUQ, a position he held until 1985.

After the unregistered Queensland Branch of the UFU was formed in the late 1960’s, Arthur was elected to represent the Queensland Branch on the UFU National Committee of Management.  In 1973, he was elected UFU National President and he held this position until 1985. Arthur was also national editor of the UFU Journal “The Australian Firefighter” from 1980 to 1985.

Arthur Rogers was a dedicated unionist and a true believer in the slogan “The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated”. 

Arthur Rogers is one of those firefighters that made the United Firefighters Union of Australia and its Queensland Branch what it is today - a strong, united and vibrant Union.

Vale Arthur Rogers. Thank you, for your contribution to the UFU.

John Oliver - General Secretary 



Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD