CODE 2, VOL 31, NO 2 : 10 february 2017


CA16 – Update

As I reported recently, the new certified agreement to cover professional firefighters and fire communication officers is progressing well.

Many of you are contacting your SCM representatives about when the certified agreement will commence.

I have provided an explanation of the steps yet to occur below, but your union cannot guarantee specific dates for the steps at this stage.

We have started developing some of the supporting documents required by changed or new entitlements in the new certified agreement, with the remainder ready to commence development shortly.

That process will occur parallel with the formal process of having QFES sign off on the finished product and the state government signing off on the budgetary requirements for the new agreement.

Both of these (the QFES and government sign offs) are expected to occur in February.

Following sign off, the finished certified agreement will be made available for all employees covered by the agreement to review it for a fixed period (a minimum of seven days).

Following the review period, there is a period where all employees will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they accept the certified agreement.

As I have previously stated, your union will be encouraging you to accept the offer and vote yes to have the agreement certified.

Once the voting occurs, if the ‘yes’ vote is successful, QFES must make an application to the QIRC to have the agreement certified and the QIRC will nominate a commencement date.

Following commencement, the supporting documents will immediately take effect, and QFES will advise QSS (payroll) to commence processing new entitlements and pay rates (this may take some pay cycles to all commence fully).

The back pay of the initial 2.5% wage rise from 1 October 2016 will occur soon after the certified agreement commencement date.  Any other entitlements will commence at the date of certification of the agreement by the QIRC.

If you have any further questions, I encourage you to raise them with your station delegate, branch representative or SCM representative.

Many members have asked questions about why QFES is running the voting, and making the application to QIRC, and not your union.  Simply, the certified agreement covers a range of QFES employees other than fire and rescue.

In conclusion, I again say that the deal we reached on 31 October 2016 is still fully agreed by all parties.


John Oliver - General Secretary