CODE 2, VOL 31, NO 22 : 19 june 2017

CA16 – Implementation update

As you’re aware, your new certified agreement commenced on 31 May 2017.

Many of the clauses in your new agreement provide for new or amended entitlements.

Of the new and amended entitlements, many commenced immediately upon certification of the agreement and I have set out those clauses below, along with a basic explanation of the relevant entitlement.  I have also included the current status of the implementation of supporting documentation to the clauses.

The remainder of the clauses that modify or create an entitlement have commencement dates yet to be reached, and I will explain those in a subsequent Code 2.

It is the position of your union that the work to be completed for the clauses set out below will be done as quickly as possible, and that we will then move on to developing the content for clauses that have time constrained commencement dates.

We are currently working with QFES and QSS to ensure each of the clauses below have commenced appropriately and are available to those of you who benefit from them as soon as possible.

CA16 Clauses that have commenced –

27      Illness during annual or long service leave
Summary of entitlement:
You can now apply to have your annual or long service leave recredited if you fall ill during your leave and you are able to satisfy the relevant notice and evidence requirements.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that they do not intend to modify any supporting documentation at this stage and that the content of the clause in the Certified Agreement is enough to provide guidance on application in your circumstances.

Application is to be made on the usual sick leave form and submitted to the Assistant Commissioner as per the CA.

28      Emergent leave
Summary of entitlement:
The agreement restores your entitlement to take leave for an emergency or for compassionate reasons.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that ‘OBM 3.1 Co-ordinate leave entitlements’, at page 6 provides for this entitlement and no further documentation is to be developed.

33      Shift swaps
Summary of entitlement:
Whilst this clause has not changed with regard to your entitlement to either swap a shift with a colleague or with QFES, your union and QFES are working on developing a consistent state-wide process that will be applied to all regions.

Implementation status:
This process of developing an agreed document will take some time and in the interim, the existing shift swap arrangements will remain in effect in each region.

I will report to you again as and when this particular document is further developed.

35      Change from 10/14 roster
Summary of entitlement:
From 31 May 2017, if you are removed from your regular 10/14 roster for a short term, for some other work (such as training), and the hours you work are less than your projected 10/14 roster, you will no longer have a negative hours balance recorded, nor will you be asked to work the difference in hours.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that OMS ‘flags’ hours under and over 336 hours in an eight week cycle.  Any variances are manually reviewed to identify why someone is under or over.

QFES intends to publish a document to all regional AC’s and roster officers that advises if an ‘under hours’ finding is identified and the cause is due to attending courses/training then no action needs to be taken to make up the hours, and that this is recorded as being the case.

If at any time you are told by the roster officers that you are ‘under hours’ due to a variance from your ordinary 10/14 roster and are required to make up those hours, please contact payroll and refer to clause 35 of the Certified Agreement.

41      Leading firefighters acting up pay rate
Summary of entitlement:
If you are an LFF, you will now be paid at the acting up rate for acting up for a single shift, instead of having to work the minimum of a whole tour.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that the provisions as contained in the content of the clause are sufficient and that the existing time sheet will provide the ability to record your acting up for a minimum of a single shift when claiming the acting up payment rate.

QSS are aware of this changed entitlement and can process this accordingly.

45      38 hour week allowance superannuated
Summary of entitlement:
From 31 May 2017, QFES will pay an amount equivalent to 9.5% superannuation on your 38 hour week allowance into your accumulated superannuation account.  All QFES employees have an accumulated benefit account, including those on defined benefit.

Implementation status:
QFES and QSS have reported to your union that –
• Payment will occur in the first fortnight of the new financial year (F/E 15/07/17)
•  This amount will appear on your payslip as ‘QSup AP Emr Cont 9.5%’
• At present the only super fund is QSuper and payment will be sent to Qsuper by 2pm on the relevant pay date (i.e. 13/07/17 for the first fortnight of the new financial year).

QSS also advised that they have run tests of this payment and are ready to proceed.

This entitlement is applicable from 31 May 2017 and therefore QSS will arrange the relevant back pay for the intervening period.

48      FFF and RAAP
Summary of entitlement:
Travel time to and from presenting FFF and RAAP will be paid at LFF rate up to a maximum of eight hours travel per day related to FFF and RAAP work.  Time working on and presenting FFF and RAAP will be paid at 1.5 LFF rate.

Implementation status:
QFES and your union are meeting with representatives from Community Education and a document has been drafted for consultation.

I will report further when that meeting has occurred.

52      Tech Rescue 100% of allowance
Summary of entitlement:
Those who previously received 100% of the Tech Rescue allowance, but who no longer have swift water level 2, may be approved by the Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Response and Planning to continue to receive 100% of the allowance.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that the wording of the clause is sufficient to provide guidance for any employee who considers themselves eligible to claim the payment.

Any applications will be assessed by the AC of Specialist Response and Planning (currently AC John Watson) in consultation with the manager of the technical rescue unit.

55      Station officer professional development
Summary of entitlement:
Your union agreed to the QFES claim for SOs to do two days per year professional development.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that they will commence consulting with your union to develop a draft document on how professional development days will be managed.

I will report further to you once this consultation process has commenced.

72      Hours of work and rostering
Summary of entitlement:
QFES agreed to return annual leave and ‘Z shift’ arrangements to pre-determination methodologies.

Implementation status:
QFES has reported to your union that all arrangements prior to the commencement of the previous ‘determination’ have been reset and are in place with no detrimental effect to any FCO.

It was agreed by your union that to obtain this reversion, there will be no claim for any back pay related amounts of leave for the intervening period, and that QFES will not claim any potential overpayment of any leave related amounts.

QFES and your union are currently developing a Z shifts policy that will ensure application is consistent across the state. I will report further to you as this matter progresses.

76      38 hour week allowance superannuated
See content in clause 45 above.

What next?
Your union will commence consultation with QFES on the remaining clauses that create or modify an entitlement once the above clauses are at the point where your union is sure that you will not be exposed to a potential misapplication of a clause of the agreement.

We expect that this will be by the end of June 2017.

Calls for assistance with development of the remaining seven clauses will occur in the very near future.

I will report back on the progress of the first 11 and remaining seven clauses as soon as more information on outcomes is available.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD