CODE 2, VOL 31, NO 7 : 11 march 2017


Certified Agreement 2016 – Update

I am pleased to report that the certified agreement to replace your current 2013 Determination has moved through the approvals phase and has been prepared to be published to you for a review of the offer.

The review period will commence Monday 13 March 2017 and the draft agreement will be available for you to review for 16 days.

After the review period the Fire and Rescue Service will engage an external provider to run an electronic ballot of all employees covered by the agreement.

The review and voting process and the completion of supporting documentation will take some weeks to get through, and after that an application will be made to the QIRC by the Fire and Rescue Service for the QIRC to approve and certify the agreement for commencement.

Powerpoint presentations and FAQ’s will be made available to all employees by the Fire and Rescue Service and your union has been consulted on those documents.

I know there are many questions, and the review period will be your chance to review the full document and have your questions answered, prior to you voting on accepting or rejecting the agreement.

I will continue to report to you on the process as it enters the final stages and I thank you for your patience and understanding up to this point.

New era of industrial coverage for all UFUQ members

New Award 2016

2017 has already seen the full bench of the QIRC publishing your updated modern award covering both firefighters and fire communication officers.  The award was published with effect 1 March 2017.

It is important to note that only some parts of that award are already being applied to your employment, and that the full commencement of the award occurs on the same day as the commencement date of your new certified agreement.  This is simply because they are new forms of industrial instruments called a ‘modern’ award and agreement, and they cannot operate without the other operating, and so the IR Act says they must start together.

New certified agreement 2016

As I have been reporting including above, the new certified agreement has been approved and contains some new provisions and is now about to be released to you for a review prior to your vote.

New IR Act 2017

The new Industrial Relations Act commenced on 1 March 2017, restoring many of the workers’ rights that the Newman led government stripped out of the old Act, awards and certified agreements.

The commencement of these three industrial instruments are a demonstration of the ongoing and important work your executive, SCM and state office industrial officers have been doing not only this year, but for almost five years. We continue to maintain, preserve, restore and improve your employment conditions, through the battle against the Newman led LNP parliament, and then through a repair phase under the current Palaszczuk led parliament.

All new industrial environment

This trio of industrial instruments provides a fresh start for your employment terms and conditions.

This new industrial environment is a positive time for all UFUQ members and we need to take a moment to recognise and celebrate the gains we have made in the past couple of years and in particular, to appreciate the positives arising from the commencement of these three new industrial instruments in 2017.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD