CODE 2, VOL 34, NO 16 : 02 April 2020


On the morning of Thursday 2 April 2020 Queensland's Premier Ms Palaszczuk announced on live TV a 'wage freeze', stating -

“Let me make it very clear, all of that (pay rises) is on hold...we’ve got people out there who have lost their jobs, they’re hurting.  We’ve got front line services out there, our nurses, our doctors our firefighters, our police, they’re doing a great job for Queenslanders. But in this climate at the moment everything must be put on hold, it’s absolutely sensible, and I’m sure other people are doing the same thing.”

This policy announcement had not been discussed with your union (or any union for that matter) before it happened and as such, it is unclear at this stage what the Premier is proposing.

I have commenced urgent discussions with the state government and other union leaders about what this announcement may mean for you and your colleagues who are covered by CA19.

As soon as I know more, I will contact you again immediately.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD