CODE 2, VOL 34, NO 37 : 13 AUGUST 2020


Your union has been involved for many months in discussions around the shift from paper based fault reporting on start of shift checks on appliances, to a new app to be installed on a device that remains with each vehicle.

I had concerns that the shift to the new methodology might draw attention to who was saying what about the roadworthiness of appliances at the start of each shift.

I asked QFRS to put in writing that there was no potential for liability for you and your colleagues when stating that the checks you perform do not identify (or do identify) problems with the vehicles.

Your union received written assurances regarding your protections including the following –
‘…an officer who completes an appliance check via the FleetWave app in the course of their duties will not be personally liable provided the act done, or omission made, in relation to the appliance check was done or made honestly and without negligence.’

The changes that affect you have nothing to do with what you’re checking, rather, they only change how you record the checks.

Should any conflicts or problems arise regarding vehicle checks as a result of the FleetWave app use commencing, please contact your UFUQ Branch or SCM representatives to assist with your matter.


Your union and other stakeholders on the QFRS SCTF committee continue to meet monthly.

The UFUQ and other unions asked for a significant amount of baseline and background data to be provided to us and that information is all now coming through.

Once your union has assessed that data, visits to stations, communication centres and discussions with specialist roles will commence.

All on the committee have acknowledged COVID-19’s effect on the capacity to travel and meet with you and your colleagues and have also all agreed the report deadline (currently 1 July 2021) is flexible, pending agreement from committee members about there being enough time to reasonably construct content regarding the ideas and proposals to improve safe and full crewing of all stations, communication centres and specialist roles.

I’ll keep you informed as the state office industrial officers start to plan visits to your locations as soon as possible (most of you will have the opportunity to chip in before the end of 2020).


Many of you may have heard rumours or seen draft plans relating to the changes QFRS are considering at SFEST.

I can confirm that changes are planned, and I am also able to report that formal engagement in line with clause 14 of CA19 has commenced with your union.

We will have full disclosure of the proposals from QFRS and we will have the opportunity to be consulted, providing your union with the opportunity to affect the outcomes prior to final decisions being made.

If you have matters regarding SFEST changes you’d like to raise with your union, please email them through to [email protected] with the subject line SFEST CHANGES.

I will of course keep you updated on the work being done at SFEST.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD