CODE 2, VOL 34, NO 4 : 25 february 2020

Mandatory reporting of ALL other employment back on the agenda:

QFES has again written to your union to progress the requirement for you to report ALL other employment you have to QFES.

The latest correspondence quotes the Crime and Corruption Commission (the CCC) asking QFES for an update on progress of CCC communication to QFES following investigations they conducted into individuals who are or were employed by QFES.

What this means for QFES and therefore for you, is the CCC have provided the following to QFES –
1. That QFES implement a mandatory reporting policy for all employees to report and seek authority to engage in secondary employment; and
2. That an employee’s obligation in reporting on secondary employment should include (as a minimum) the following information:
• The employee’s association with the employer
• Full explanation of the role the employee will undertake in the employment
• How the employment offer/contract was provided to the employee
• A full explanation of the business undertaken by the employer
• Acknowledgement that employment with QFES takes precedence over any secondary employment.

It is obvious how serious this situation is for each of you who have done, are, or are considering, doing work for another employer.

The CCC cannot be ignored without significant consequences.  This means neither QFES nor your union can pretend this matter does not need to be addressed.

As such, I am arranging for urgent meetings to occur as soon as possible between the UFUQ state office and QFES (and where relevant the CCC) to attempt to work through the many questions I have about this matter.

QFES have suggested they’d like to have a policy (with procedures, forms and more) ready to commence implementation by 1 July 2020.  The implications for some of you and therefore the urgency of this matter is not lost on your union.

I will keep you regularly updated about this matter and where we end up.

TEM (Commercial Activities) ceases tendering for contract work:

In the week of 17 February 2020 I received a report from Fire and Rescue that the QFES Board of Management had made decision to cease the practice of TEM tendering for contract work. Since being informed of this decision some of you that I have spoken to about it have stated you consider this decision to have been a long time coming and no surprise.

This decision has short term ramifications for those working in TEM in day work rotation, but also for many of you who did TEM work on your days off. That work will be wound back to existing long term contracts by the middle of 2020.

TEM will retain some contracts (such as the contract to Mt Isa Mine) as they are ongoing.  They will also accept work if other organisations approach QFES and ask for it to be done but this ad hoc work will be completed within and by regions as required.

I am sad to see what appears to be the removal of one of the options you have to work outside of the day to day operational firefighter roster, but I cannot force QFES to hold on to a part of the organisation that was not providing the income required to keep it going.

If you have questions about the end of TEM as we know it, you can contact the TEM manager, Supt Bernie Nunn.  He can be reached at his work email address or on 073635 1858.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD