CODE 2, VOL 34, NO 41 : 26 august 2020


I reported to you on 24 August that we have managed to resolve one of the disputes we raised regarding the SO/SOSO recruitment process. The outstanding dispute relates to Fire and Rescue’s decision to run concurrent SO and SOSO recruitment processes in SER, how this decision is playing out, and what this means on a broader scale.

Your union met with Fire and Rescue on 25 August to attempt to resolve the dispute. QFES has maintained their position, and the matter is not yet resolved.

Our concern is that, by choosing to fill a station officer vacancy with a SFF when there are LFF candidates who are missing out on an interview, Fire and Rescue is basically disregarding the entire ODP qualification. It seems as though Fire and Rescue are now seeing the ODP as an optional qualification for a SO position, rather than a prerequisite (as it has always been).

We need to keep the dispute going, and dig deeper into what this means for Fire and Rescue now and into the future. I will keep you updated as discussions continue.


Your union has finally received confirmation from Fire and Rescue that the new paypoint for Firefighters below the rank of 1st class, that was due to be introduced on July 1 is being processed.

The new paypoint was mistakenly removed from CA19 during the amendments that were made to effect the Queensland Government’s wage deferral legislation. It has now been replaced, but Fire and Rescue have been dragging their heels to implement it.

If you are below the rank of 1st class, you will be entitled to a pay increase on your one year anniversary of completing the recruit course.

This new paypoint will be backdated to 1 July 2020. Fire and Rescue estimate that the increase will take effect in the payroll system in the first pay of next month, and the relevant backpay will be processed in the following pay.

I would encourage you to contact your regional HR officer to ensure that the new paypoint and backpay will be applied to you.

John Oliver - General Secretary


Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD