CODE 2, VOL 35, NO 31 : 06 september 2021


You will no doubt recall that your union was pushing for an external review of QFES to examine the structure and funding of the agency, and decide if the current QFES is effective, efficient and sustainable, and if not, what options are available to the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services to make changes.

I am pleased to report that your union has been extensively engaged by KPMG as the key stakeholder for QFRS operations.  Thus far, your union and KPMG have had discussions about the UFUQ position on what works, what doesn’t and what can work better.  Further to the discussions, your union has also put detailed opinion and evidence to the review team regarding our perspectives in written submissions to the review.

You constantly report to your union that you seek a return to a focus on operational firefighters, fire appliances and fire stations (and fire communication centres). And we have left KPMG with no doubt about what your union sees as the way forward.

I can also report that further discussion between the review team from KPMG and your union are to occur, and that there will be further written submissions from the UFUQ to the review.

I will keep you updated on the report and more importantly the government’s response over the next few months.


Much of your union’s work to prepare submissions for the SCTF report have been hampered by recent COVID-19 lockdowns and QFRS PPL restrictions preventing your union from visiting crews to discuss the SCTF data we seek.  However I can report that the UFUQ will have comprehensive data and recommendations to go into the report (which is due by the end of September 2021).

Another delay was caused by your union state office focussing significant attention to the KPMG submissions (this work is ongoing as discussed above).

Many discussions have occurred across all seven regions, but not all submissions have been received by individuals, Branches and individual working groups, so please submit your content to as soon as possible.

Much of the content your union will submit to include in the SCTF Report will provide a moment in time permanent record of all the issues your union could identify that prevent what you and your colleagues see as safe and full crewing of every work location where you or your colleagues are rostered to work.  The SCTF report can be referred back to over the next few years to allow for all discussions relevant to crewing.  It will also inform your union’s bid for further increase in firefighter recruit numbers beyond financial year 24-25.

I will keep you informed about your union’s work to complete the SCTF report and you will all be able to access a copy of the report once it is completed.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD