CODE 2, VOL 36, NO 3 : 24 January 2022


As you would no doubt be aware by now, this morning Commissioner Leach emailed all staff to advise that he is considering the possibility of introducing mandatory covid-19 vaccination for you.

Your state office notes Commissioner Leach’s advice regarding a two-week consultation period to inform his decision making on this matter and that ‘all unions and associations who represent QFES paid staff’ will be consulted during this period.

In an effort to get on the front foot, UFUQ state office representatives reached out to QFES a few hours ago to arrange relevant consultative processes as they relate to UFUQ members. We were assured no decision has yet been made on this matter.

I can advise all members that across the next two weeks representatives of your State Committee of Management (SCM) will meet with representatives of QFES to understand more about this matter and ensure that the views of UFUQ members are made clear to QFES.

I am aware that there are differing views held by UFUQ members, and similarly that there are differing views held by the SCM representatives that represent you in your various regions.

To ensure these differing views are incorporated into the UFUQ consultation about this matter, I will ensure that the UFUQ consultation group that meets with QFES is made up of a cross section of SCM representatives that represent these differing views.

As the consultation progresses, I will provide members with further updates.

I also encourage all members, irrespective of your view on this matter, to take up Commissioner Leach’s offer to provide feedback directly to QFES if you seek to do so. This is another opportunity to have your voice heard.

You can email that feedback to [email protected].

Please remember, if you choose to communicate directly with QFES on the above email address, ensure the language in your email is respectful. You do not want to risk an allegation regarding conduct that is inconsistent with the QFES values or the Code of Conduct (irrespective of what your view on that may be). It may mean you are unnecessarily dealing with management action or disciplinary processes, instead of clearly getting your feedback across to ensure that it is reasonably and appropriately considered by Commissioner Leach.

John Oliver - General Secretary



Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD