New Members Application Form

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I the undersigned, apply for admission to membership of the United Firefighters Union of Australia, Union of Employees, Queensland and undertake that if admitted to membership, I agree to be bound by the Policy, Constitution and Rules of the union. 


My Work Details

Please thoroughly read the joining in dispute form before submitting your new member application.
Once you have submitted this JOIN FORM you will also need to fill out the DIRECT DEBIT FORM (below). PLEASE FILL THIS OUT AND SEND/EMAIL IT BACK TO [email protected] to ensure that you are covered by your union.



Important information for new and potential members

An important part of UFUQ membership is having access to the protection and support for individuals and the collective of members. This protection and support is made possible only because members pay fees to be a part of the UFUQ collective.

The UFUQ has membership rules and policies, developed, implemented and updated by the executive and state committee of management (SCM), including those about access to protection and support, and to assistance for individuals who require help with work related issues.

The executive and the SCM are responsible for the efficient and appropriate use of resources such as membership fees. As a result they develop, implement and update UFUQ membership rules and policies to ensure there are strict controls of access and use of membership funds.

One of the controls over access and use of membership funds is this policy, which places limits on certain individuals gaining access to protection, support or assistance.

In particular, this policy limits access to protection, support and assistance to financial members of the UFUQ.

Persons seeking to join the UFUQ with a current of pre-existing matter or unresolved dispute are referred to as potential members who are ‘joining in dispute’.


Access to UFUQ assistance for NEW MEMBERS ‘JOINING IN DISPUTE’

Individuals who are ‘joining in dispute’, upon properly completing all required forms in application for membership, who seek immediate assistance for an ongoing or pre-existing matter from the date of commencement of their membership, have their access to UFUQ assistance limited to -

1. Initial verbal advice through consultation with an elected official and/or an industrial officer of the UFUQ, and 

2. Advice on, or referral by the UFUQ to, an appropriate outside agency for assistance and/or consultation on the ongoing or pre- existing matter.

3. Approval for full or partial UFUQ assistance may be provided at the discretion of the State Committee of Management or the State Executive.

For point 3 to be considered, the new member would be required to disclose the nature of the ongoing or pre-existing matter at the time of making application for membership.


Authorised by John Oliver State Secretary, United Firefighters’ Union of Australia, Union of Employees Queensland




Direct Debit Service agreement