Member Benefits

People often ask the question "Why should I join a Union?  What do I get for the fees I pay?"

Apart from the piece of mind of being part of a collective group of people with the same interests, you help to contribute to the work done to obtain YOUR wage increases and improvements in work conditions, including safety.  Is it the Australian way to reap the benefits without contributing?  Ask your workmate who is a UFU member!

Very few employers will, out of the goodness of their heart, provide wage increases, improved working conditions or indeed your basic safety requirements if it is going to cut into their "bottom line" (i.e. profits).

Apart from the work your Union carries out on a day-to-day basis in improving your conditions, your Union, the United Firefighters Union, provides for its members a number of other benefits.

The following are just a few of the benefits available to members of the United Firefighters Union;.

THE UNION SHOPPER- Free membership to this organisation that provides discounts on a range of purchases.

DEFCOM - Your card provides you with discounts in a number of areas.

QBANK have a great working relationship with firefighters and can cover your home loan, savings or any other banking need.

Union Health  offer members great health insurance.

Remember, your membership of the United Firefighters Union doesn't COST, it PAYS!

Oakley Sunglasses - Oakley have offered UFUQ members a choice of Oakley's best sellers at RRP less 40%. 

Freedom FuelsFreedom Fuels discount fuel club card offers UFUQ members a discount of 6 cents on Unleaded and Diesel and 8 cent discount in premium 95 & 98. Freedom Fuels have 47 services stations based around Brisbane and South East Queensland. Please contact the union office on 1800 816 589 to access your code.