v33#6 Easter Public Holidays

In this edition - Easter public holiday information.

v33#5 PADP

In this edition - I have received multiple reports of members being placed on, or being threatened with being placed on, a PADP (the planned adminstrivial way to manage your performance). Fire and Rescue are far from negotiating any agreed potential use of the PADP process for operational Fire and Rescue staff with your union.

v33#4 Victorian CFA acknowledge digital network failure, revert to analogue

In this edition - Similar to the rollout of the GWN (digital radio network) in Queensland some years ago, a digital network is currently being rolled out across Victoria for the MFB and the CFA. In January 2019, it was identified that a lack of coverage inside many buildings and lack of coverage in certain open areas was affecting digital radio communications and therefore putting the safety of firefighters at risk.

v33#3 Radios / Communications Taskforce set up in response to UFUQ survey into GWN / Radio problems

In this edition - As I reported to you in early December 2018, your union presented the results of a survey of UFUQ members working in the GWN network area to Commissioner Carroll. I thank the Commissioner for promptly establishing a 'Radio / Communications Taskforce' once the voices of those affected were reported to her.

v33#2 - 25th Anniversary – Southport Honda In memory of Sub-Station Officer Herbie Fennell and Firefighter Noel Watson

In this edition - This 11th of February 2019 will mark the 25th anniversary of the fire at Southport Honda where Sub-Station Officer Herbie Fennell and Firefighter Noel Watson were killed in the line of duty.


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