AUXILIARY UPDATE : 05 january 2016

Boxing Day 2015 – Extra public holiday

As part of the efforts to obtain an award to cover all auxiliary firefighters in Queensland, approximately twelve months ago your union fought for and won a minimum payment of four hours for auxiliaries who work on public holidays. 

This provision is also included in the Auxiliary Firefighters’ Award – State 2016, which commenced on 1 January 2016.

However, the four hour minimum payment on public holidays was in place prior to the commencement of the award and covered the Christmas / New Year period 2015 / 2016.

You will recall that in 2015, Boxing Day fell on a Saturday.

The Holidays Act – Queensland 1983 provides for an ‘additional’ public holiday when Boxing Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, being Monday 28 December.

This means the four hour minimum payment applies to all auxiliaries who attended any call-outs on Saturday 26 and/or Monday 28 December 2015.

If you have concerns about filling in your time sheet and making sure you are paid the four hour minimum on either of those days (along with, of course, Christmas Day, Friday 25 December 2015), contact your local QFES HR/Payroll person.

These people, along with your local management can address your concerns about being paid correctly –


Lisa Mitchell Senior Regional HR Officer 07 4796 9021 
[email protected]


Stephanie Langley Senior Regional HR Officer 07 4938 4315
[email protected]


Michelle Oldfield Senior Regional HR Officer 07 4592 5212
[email protected]


Kellie-Ann McGann A/Senior Regional HR Officer 07 4592 5212
[email protected]


Cindy Caulfield Senior Regional HR Officer 07 3635 1869
[email protected]


Kelly Litherland A/Senior Regional HR Officer 07 3287 8509
[email protected]


Josie Cannon A/Senior Regional HR Officer 07 4032 8749
[email protected]


Kylie Watson A/Senior Advisor 07 3635 3008
[email protected]


Kelly Manalang A/Senior Advisor 07 3635 1641
[email protected]

UFUQ is the only organisation ensuring all Queensland auxiliary firefighters are paid appropriately for the vital community service you provide day and night, every day of the year.