CODE 2, VOL 32, NO 21 : 14 JUNE 2018


I have in the past communicated to you about the dangers of your use of social media as an employee of the state of Queensland.

At the moment, your state office is (unfortunately) dealing with a few members who are being disciplined for comments or pictures they have posted to social media.

I again remind you that no matter what you post, and no matter where you post it, you are risking being disciplined for what you say or post, and unfortunately, it is serious enough on some occasions that members have jeopardised their employment.

If you research workers being sacked for use of social media you will find multiple examples, including many in Queensland, of people who have been disciplined or had their employment terminated because of social media posts.

My advice to all of you is –

• DO NOT identify yourself as an employee of Fire and Rescue, or even as a firefighter in Queensland, on any of your social media platforms; and
• Think clearly about everything you are going to post and how it may be perceived by others; and
• Be careful when reposting other people’s content, as doing so places you in the same position as though you had posted it yourself.

Social media certainly can be fun, funny, entertaining and also often educational and engaging. I am not suggesting you withdraw from it totally.

Unfortunately, in our modern world every single thing you post can be accessed by someone, and time and time again, UFUQ members have said they thought that what they were posting was to a ‘closed’ or ‘private’ group of people and yet, employers have obtained a copy and they have been disciplined.

Protect your employment: Think carefully and post wisely.


John Oliver - General Secretary


Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD