CODE 2, VOL 32, NO 31 : 14 november 2018

Minister for Fire and Rescue confirms government commitment to ‘2 in 2 out' (1+3)

In a speech to Queensland Parliament on Tuesday 13 November 2018, Minister Craig Crawford stated –
            ‘I want to recognise our career firefighters…working in fire and rescue stations in Queensland. They respond to thousands of calls per year. They are on shift when you are asleep. It is a dangerous job (working) four on four off on A, B, C or D shifts at any station, one officer and three firefighters on a pumper is their life.’

At a time when crewing shortages appear to be reaching crisis point across the state, your union thanks the Minister for reconfirming the government’s commitment to safe crewing of fire trucks.

You are well aware that Fire and Rescue face challenges relating to firefighter shortages across Queensland over the next couple of years.

I have regularly requested confirmation from Fire and Rescue senior management of their ongoing commitment to safely crewed fire trucks. I am pleased to say that Fire and Rescue remains committed to full crewing of appliances (‘2 inside 2 outside’ (1+3)).

In his speech, the Minister also made statements in support of your union –
            ‘I want to recognise their union, the United Firefighters Union: steeped in tradition, strong in their representation, and straight in their aim. I also want to recognise the Retired Firefighters Association Queensland, a strong and committed group of ex-firefighters who have a passion for the welfare of their own.’

I personally want to thank the Minister for his support for professional firefighters, safe crewing, his kind words about your union, and on your behalf I will do so when next we meet.

You can find a copy (page 3430) of the Minister’s comments in full at the link to Queensland Parliament Hansard here


Your union has heard from many members about their dissatisfaction relating to the reduction in union rights that has occurred across various pieces of state and federal legislation, under all forms of government in the past 20 years.

You may be aware that the ACTU has a current federal campaign (#CHANGETHERULES) to change the rules (laws) governing work, wages and union rights.  This campaign is fully supported by the UFUQ.

On Tuesday 20 November 2018, as part of the national campaign, a rally will occur in Brisbane at 1230 – 1330 in Roma Street (Emma Miller Place). Your union has arranged for some UFUQ members to attend that rally.


Late last month, the state government introduced the Human Rights Bill 2018 for debate in the Queensland Parliament. Your union has been involved in the consultation process for this bill, including in the parliamentary inquiry that took place in 2016.

Your union will be providing input into a submission to the Committee review process, particularly to support the proposed fundamental right for all Queenslanders to peaceful assembly and freedom of association.

I will be following the progress of this bill carefully, with the parliamentary debate predicted to occur in the early months of 2019.

John Oliver - General Secretary



Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD