CODE 2, VOL 33, NO 5 : 26 february 2019


I have received multiple reports of members being placed on, or being threatened with being placed on, a PADP (the planned adminstrivial way to manage your performance).

Fire and Rescue are far from negotiating any agreed potential use of the PADP process for operational Fire and Rescue staff with your union.

You have no obligation to be on any form of PADP relating to your employment as an urban or auxiliary firefighter, or fire communication officer. I caution anyone against placing someone on, or agreeing to be placed on, a PADP.

If you or a colleague you know of has been prematurely and inappropriately forced onto a PADP, please email the state office at [email protected] with a copy of the PADP and I will ensure appropriate action is taken.

I will report back on the investigations and outcomes, and on what Fire and Rescue plan to do with PADP’s as soon as I can.


You will recall that I reported to you in a Code 2 last year that your union made a submission to the federal government senate review into the mental health of emergency service workers.

I am pleased to say the report has been published and the senate took your union’s views into account. You can find a copy of the report here.

Your union’s comments on the need to build worker trust in management and the lack of genuine engagement by management with workers being significant barriers to reducing the incidence of PTSD injuries were noted by the Senate and included in the report (see page 51 of the report).
There is much work to be done to improve the way your employer (and all employers) identify and manage those in need of help with psychological injury. I and your state office and your branches look forward to working with Fire and Rescue on improving your employer’s management of issues such as this.


A report has just been published by Safe Work Australia on a review of the operation of the OHS laws across Australia.

Again, your union provided submissions and these were noted by the reviewers and included in the report.  You can find a copy of the report here.

Whilst your union is fighting every single day to obtain, maintain and protect your employment rights and entitlements, we are also involved in many strategic discussions and regularly provide submissions on a range of matters, both state and federal, relating to your work.

Your union membership ensures you have played a part in working to improve not only your wages, terms and conditions, but also to improve the way you work, and importantly, your workplace safety.

You can continue to rest assured that QFES are not knocking on the union’s door and suggesting to pay you more, or improve your working conditions.  Whether it’s safety, or mental health, or wages and allowances, or even the ongoing battle to ensure you retain the name and roles of Fire and Rescue, your union is fighting every day to ensure you remain a professional well trained group of firefighters and fire communication officers.

John Oliver - General Secretary




Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD