CODE 2, VOL 34, NO 19 : 27 april 2020


Many of you reading this Code 2 would be among those caught up in the thousands of error corrections required every fortnight. After 6 months, the reports I am receiving are that things are getting worse not better.  I have asked for some information on how many mistakes are being made, and what’s actually being done to prevent them.

In the interim, I again ask you email your issue to payroll (I am aware most of you receive no reply, not even any acknowledgement, unless it’s an overpayment, where they are quite vigorous at making contact with you).

If all of you make sure you email payroll every time something goes wrong, that constant communication can be captured and your union can demonstrate how bad the system is, so keep those emails going in.

Importantly, the email address to send your issue to has changed, so if you have previously sent an email to the old email address, to be safe, email all your issues again, through to the new email below.

[email protected]

As before after you have gone through the process of requesting assistance, and can demonstrate no response, or that the matter wasn’t fixed to your satisfaction, contact your local UFUQ representative with the email chain and your time sheet and payslip and your union can take the matter up on your behalf.  But, given how many of these there are, it is important you go through these steps first.

I will keep you updated on the Aurion working group which has been established to again work through the problems hopefully to a solution.


I am pleased to report commencement of some very positive discussions between myself and Cr Leach around reframing the roles within Fire and Rescue and resetting the mandatory qualifications and requirements for employment or appointment into Fire and Rescue roles.

I look forward to communicating some positive news on this matter very soon.

John Oliver - General Secretary



Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD