12 April 2022

In this edition - With the Easter period, ANZAC Day and Labour Day almost upon us, I provide the following to UFUQ members to clear up any confusion that may exist regarding what you are entitled to claim on the many upcoming public holidays.


Auxiliary Update - 21 December 2021

In this edition - It would not be the Christmas and New Year period without some confusion regarding what members are entitled to claim on the many public holidays across the period.

Auxiliary Update - 06 September 2021

In this edition - You will no doubt recall that your union was pushing for an external review of QFES to examine the structure and funding of the agency, and decide if the current QFES is effective, efficient and sustainable, and if not, what options are available to the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services to make changes.

Auxiliary Update - 3 September 2021

In this edition - On 30 August 2021, following submissions on your behalf by your union through the Queensland Council of Unions (who present the combined formal position of all unions), the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (the QIRC) handed down it’s 2021 State Wage Case Decision.

30 April 2021

14 January 2021

In this edition - As you will recall, in the period 16 March 2020 to 14 May 2020, QFRS instructed all auxiliary firefighters not to attend training nights due to mandatory shutdowns related to control of COVID-19.

Auxiliary Update - 30 October 2020

Auxiliary Update - 31 August 2020

In this edition - You will recall that your award provides for wage rises each year in line with the Queensland QIRC State Wage Case Decision.

Auxiliary Update - 28 August 2020

In this edition - As you would be aware, Fire and Rescue are making plans to transition the Auxiliary workforce onto a new communications system that will rely on mobile phones, instead of pagers.

Auxiliary Update - 13 August 2020

Auxiliary Update - 20 March 2020

On Monday 16 March 2020 the Office of Industrial Relations published Directive 01/20 – Employment Arrangements in the Event of a Health Pandemic which can be found here.

Auxiliary Update - 16 March 2020

Labour Day Cancelled.

Auxiliary Update

Auxiliary Update - 18 February 2020

Auxiliary Update - 18 November 2019

Auxiliary Update - 12 November 2019

Auxiliary Update - 9 October 2019

Auxiliary Update 10 September 2018

Wage Rise for all auxiliary firefighters from 1 September 2018

Auxiliary Update 10 April 2018

Auxiliary Update 15 March 2018

Elections - Get involved!

Auxiliary Update 15 February 2018

Auxiliary Update 12 January 2018