Fire service appeals against the QIRC decision to refuse their ‘strike out’ application of our ‘unfair contracts’ matter

We previously reported that the fire service had applied to ‘strike out’ your union’s ‘unfair contracts’ case lodged on behalf of 11 auxiliary firefighters.

In the hearing, the fire service submitted that they had unfettered discretion to set your terms and conditions of employment unilaterally. They said that you are not able to contribute to any changes at any time.

The fire service lost the case and the QIRC issued a short decision on 24 December 2014 to that effect.

The fire service have now appealed to the industrial court against the decision to refuse their ‘strike out’ application.

The fire service are still doing everything they can to frustrate, delay and deny auxiliary firefighters a fair hearing, compensation, or a say in your employment conditions.

It is not as if the fire service have offered fair award terms in exchange for us dropping the ‘unfair contracts’ case.  After two and one half years, they still haven’t said what employment entitlements they will agree to in an auxiliary award.

After two and one half years, the fire service is still trying to deny auxiliary firefighters the right to a hearing, never mind an award!


Award conditions

The fire service have not confirmed yet as to what conditions of employment they will agree to in an auxiliary award. The fire service have advised that they will give some indication to your union later this month.


Increase to minimum rates

The fire service have now confirmed to your union that auxiliary wage rates will be increased by 2.2 % effective from 4th January 2015.


New standing order

The fire service have advised your union that they will approve an updated new standing order this month. The revised standing order will incorporate the new wage rates and the new provisions implemented from 1st January 2015 such as 4 hours starts on public holidays. Your union has checked the draft document and wage rates and believe it is all in order.


Become a member of UFUQ and show your support

2014 saw many new members join or re-join UFUQ.  We want to continue to increase our strength in 2015.

Become a member of your union to show you are standing with your auxiliary colleagues as we continue the fight to improve your employment conditions and wages.

As a member, you also have access to the many benefits of coverage you will receive from a registered industrial organisation.

If you are already a member of UFUQ, now is the time to discuss membership of your union with your auxiliary colleagues.

Existing members who refer new members will receive a new auxiliary UFUQ t-shirt in 2015, upon the new member becoming financial (one t-shirt per year for existing members).

Your union continues to send a strong and clear message to QFES and the government about your employment conditions.  We are showing them that we have the support of Auxiliaries in our efforts to win fair employee conditions for you.

UFUQ needs your support now and will be there to support you should you ever need us!


Have a question or want to organise a station visit?

In 2014, UFUQ representatives visited almost 60 auxiliary stations.

No one but UFUQ can get, or is getting, to that many stations to talk to auxiliary firefighters about their individual, local station and state wide issues, not even QFES.

The plan for 2015 includes many more station visits.
Contact the state office if you would like to organise someone to discuss what the union is doing with members and potential members in a visit to your station.

Station visits can be done in person, via teleconference or via Skype.

The station visits can be done on training nights, or another night as arranged.  If we haven’t seen you, we hope to see you in 2015!


Auxiliary representatives

Auxiliaries are represented on the state committee of management of the union and there is a standing agenda item for an auxiliary update to be given at every union executive meeting.

You can contact the state office at any time to discuss membership, or any other matter affecting your employment.

The UFUQ has an industrial officer dedicated to assisting auxiliaries with all employment related matters, so if you have a work related question, contact the state office and you will receive the appropriate assistance.