CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 44 : 11 NOVEMBER 2016

UFUQ welcomes new Minister

A short time ago Premier Palaszczuk announced a reshuffle of the Queensland government ministry. As a result of this reshuffle Minister Bill Byrne has been appointed to the agricultural and fisheries, and rural economic development ministries.

I wish to acknowledge the open and positive working relationship Minister Byrne had with the UFUQ during his time as Minister for Fire and Rescue. He was very much a supporter of firefighters and communications officers.

I wish the Minister all the best in his future endeavours, and thank him for his great work.

I am pleased to inform you that the new Minister for Fire and Rescue is Mr Mark Ryan. I, along with the State Executive and SCM, look forward to continuing the open and positive working relationship with the new Minister.

John Oliver
General Secretary