Auxiliary Update 12 January 2018

Auxiliary Update 1 June 2017

Auxiliary update - 29 May 2017

Auxiliary Update 24 May 2017

Retention Allowance Dispute – update

Auxiliary Update 19 May 2017

I am pleased to report that on Saturday 1 July 2017 some of the award payments you are eligible to receive (penalties that apply to your work) are again phased up. The phasing in of these penalty amounts was agreed between your union and QFES and the state government.

Auxiliary Update 12 April 2017

Auxiliary Update 14 February 2017

In this Edition - Retention Allowance dispute and other important issues

Auxiliary Update 7 December 2016

In this edition - Minimum payment for Christmas and New Year public holidays

5 July 2016

In this edition - QFES commence auxiliary firefigher (closed merit) recruitment process

29 June 2016

In this edition - Good News and Bad News for Auxiliaries

12 April 2016

In this edition - Update for auxiliary members regarding the deed of agreement to remove temporary firefighters in Qld

5 January 2016

In this edition - Boxing Day 2015 - Extra Public Holiday

Happy New Year

24 November 2015

In this edition : QIRC Auxiliary Award Decision Released

20 November 2015

In this edition - Auxiliary Award - Happy New Year! The Auxiliary Firefighters' Award - State 2016 commences 1 January 2016

23 October 2015

In this edition - Wage increase

25 September 2015

In this edition - 3 years since your union made application to the Industrial Commission, wage increase, Presumptive Legislation, UFUQ delegates, station visits.

26 August 2015

In this edition - Auxiliary award update, pay increase in October, union delegate and station meetings.

25 May 2015

In this edition - Questions about your auxiliary award asked in parliament

23 March 2015

In this edition - Meeting with new fire and emergency minister

10 March 2015

In this Edition - Read about your union's year in 2014.

30 January 2015

"Unfair contracts" case adjourned

22 January 2015

Your union congratulates firefighters and communications officers who have been recognised for their exemplary contributions to community safety.

15 January 2015

Fire service appeals against the QIRC decision to refuse their ‘strike out’ application of our ‘unfair contracts’ matter