CA22 - update 3


I am pleased to report that after many months of waiting, some key steps in getting to the bargaining table on your new agreement have occurred.

They are –

1.         Formal government wage offer
In early July 2022, the state government finally put the formal wage offer to all unions and employing agencies.

That wage offer, which your union will be basing negotiations with QFES on, is as follows.

2022    4% wage increase
(+ 3% maximum capped cash payment if CPI higher than 4% in FY 2022-2023 at end of the FY).
2023    4% wage increase
(+ 3% maximum capped cash payment if CPI higher than 4% in FY 2023-2024 at end of the FY).
2024    3% wage increase
(+ 3% maximum capped cash payment if CPI higher than 4% in FY 2024-2025 at end of the FY).

Within 7 days of this CA22 Update, I will provide a more detailed email to all members explaining how this wage offer will work for all members covered by what will become CA22.

2.         Notification of intention to bargain
Upon receipt of the formal wage offer, your union promptly wrote to the Commissioner and other unions party to CA22 notifying of our intention to bargain for a new agreement.  That correspondence was sent Friday 8 July 2022, and given the IR Act requires a 14 day period between the notification of the intention to bargain and commencement of bargaining, QFES has set a date for the first bargaining meeting.

3.         First bargaining meeting
QFES has scheduled a meeting for Thursday 28 July 2022 for the bargaining parties to meet and exchange logs of claims.  This means a few things for you and your colleagues.

First, your union’s log of claims can now be settled by your State Committee of Management, this will occur within the 14 day period between the notification and the commencement of bargaining. As soon as those claims are finalised, they will be shared with you via email.

At the first bargaining meeting, QFES and the SOU will also share their logs of claims with your union. Those claims will be emailed to all members on Friday 29 July, so you can understand the content to be referred to in the ensuing bargaining processes that will then occur between your union and QFES.

4.         Next step
You will receive an explanation of the wage offer in the very near future (within 7 days of this update).

You will then receive the UFUQ log of claims prior to commencement of bargaining, via email (following the out of session SCM meeting to settle that log, prior to the meeting on 28 July 2022).

And you will receive the other parties claims on Friday 29 July 2022.

John Oliver - General Secretary

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD