Oakley Discount for UFUQ members 

Oakley have offered UFUQ members a choice of Oakley best sellers at RRP less 40%. If your item is not listed on the form, you can look through the attached website and add your code to the form. www.oakley.com. Please add $7.20 for freight charges.

Please send your completed form back to the UFUQ office [email protected]. Once your membership status has been confirmed, we will then forward your order directly to Oakley.

OAKLEY - Everything can and will be made better.

In 1975, a mad scientist named Jim Jannard began questioning the limits of industry standards.Out the back of a car, he started Oakley with $300 and the simple idea of making products that work better.

Decades of innovation now brings over 800 patents that combine new product technology withblends of science and art.

Oakley has developed iconic products across multiple categories & continues to be the industry leader in performance eyewear.

OAKLEY PRIZM(tm) LENS TECHNOLOGY - Enhanced contrast. Unrivalled detail.

Oakley PRIZM(tm) is a revolutionary lens technology designed to enhance colour, contrast and clarity allowing the wearer to see more detail.

For Oakley, PRIZM(tm) is not only a technology but it is a way of life. Through PRIZM(tm) we can deliver the promise to ignite human possibility.

To give wearers the confidence to be more than they ever believed they could be. To ride faster, jump high and become better.

At Oakley our technology ensures that everyone can perform at their best, while living a brighter, more colourful, fun-filled life, without distractions.

PRIZM(tm) is the future of Oakley.

And it is the future of the athletes and consumers who wear it.

No matter what their sport or hobby, no matter what environment they see, In order to live life to its full potential, they all will... SEE IT IN PRIZM(tm).