United Firefighters Union Queensland


Code 2 : v32#6 Committee of Management election notice

In this edition - Nominations open for Committee of Management positions on Wednesday 14th March 2018.

Code 2 : v32# 5 Removal of temporary firefighters – UPDATE

In this edition - I have had multiple contacts from almost every region regarding the ongoing heavy reliance by your local management on the use of temporary firefighters (temps).

Code 2 : v32#4 Amendments to Queensland’s corruption legislation

In this edition - The UFUQ will make a submission to the ‘Crime and Corruption and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018’ which was tabled in Queensland parliament on 15 February 2018.

Code 2 : v32#3 Governor General confirms increase in professional firefighter and fire communication officer FTE & State Elections

In this edition - The state government has funded an ‘additional’ 100 firefighters and an ‘additional’ 12 fire communication officers across four years, commencing in the financial year 2018-2019.

Auxiliary Update : Auxiliary Update 15 February 2018


The United Firefighters' Union in Queensland represents Urban firefighters, both career, part-time, Scientific Officers and Communication Officers. The union is made up of members throughout the state of Queensland, as far as Thursday Island to the North and to the borders of our great state. READ MORE