v32#18 Officer Development Program

In this edition - Officer Development Program, Centralised State-Wide Rostering, BR Rostering processes in breach of CA16.

v32#17 BCOM election results & Non-conforming building products

In this edition - Results from the latest election and details on the 'Queensland Non-Conforming Building Products Audit Taskforce Status Report’

v32#16 Paid travel time & Fire Communication issues

In this edition - You will recall that your CA includes a new entitlement for paid travel time at clause 56 and 85, for the time spent travelling to attend mandatory and promotion related training. This entitlement will be back paid from 1 January 2018.

v32#15 QFES establishes ‘Resolution Engagement Unit’

In this edition - QFES establishes ‘Resolution Engagement Unit’, Minister Crawford thanks UFUQ members, International Firefighters’ Day.

v32#14 Election closing date looming

In this edition - Send your vote back to the Australian Electoral Commission ASAP.

v32#13A Committee of Management Ballot

In this edition - Ballot opens for Committee of Management elections.

v32#12 All Fire and Rescue GWN hand-held remote speaker microphones (RSM) to be replaced

In this edition - Many of you have had, and have reported, issues to both QFES and your union relating to failures in the current issue GWN black RSM hand-held radio microphones.

v32#11 Local branch election results and UFUQ submission to Federal Senate Inquiry

In this edition - Click here to see the results of the local branch elections.

v32#10 Elections, Removal of temps, Workers' compensation scheme

In this edition - Summary of nominations for Committee of Management positions, update on removal of temps and information on the review of the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme.

v32#9 Easter public holidays

In this edition - Easter public holiday dates.

v32#8 Local branch elections ballot

In this edition - The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) has advised that a ballot is required for certain local branch positions in Brisbane North, Ipswich and Townsville.

v32#7 Certified Agreement implementation – UPDATE and Elections

In this edition - CA Update and Elections

v32#6 Committee of Management election notice

In this edition - Nominations open for Committee of Management positions on Wednesday 14th March 2018.

v32# 5 Removal of temporary firefighters – UPDATE

In this edition - I have had multiple contacts from almost every region regarding the ongoing heavy reliance by your local management on the use of temporary firefighters (temps).

v32#4 Amendments to Queensland’s corruption legislation

In this edition - The UFUQ will make a submission to the ‘Crime and Corruption and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018’ which was tabled in Queensland parliament on 15 February 2018.

v32#3 Governor General confirms increase in professional firefighter and fire communication officer FTE & State Elections

In this edition - The state government has funded an ‘additional’ 100 firefighters and an ‘additional’ 12 fire communication officers across four years, commencing in the financial year 2018-2019.

v32#2 Local UFUQ Branch Elections

In this Edition - Nominations for local branch positions open at Midday on Friday 2nd February 2018.

v32#1 Minister Crawford meets with UFUQ

In this edition - Meeting with Minister and CA16 update.

v31#32 Christmas and New Year

In this edition - On behalf of the UFUQ, I wish every member a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. I look forward to working with you all in 2018.

v31#31 Christmas and New Year public holidays

In this edition - Information regarding public holidays