CODE 2, VOL 35, NO 10 : 30 april 2021


Monday 3 May 2021 is Labour Day and therefore a gazetted public holiday across Queensland.


Public holiday entitlements for Firefighter, Station Officer and Fire Communication Officer members are contained in the award at clauses 23.1 (Fire and Rescue Stream), 23.2 (Fire Communications Stream) and 23.4 (Labour Day provisions for both Streams).

Award clause 23.4 provides for specific entitlements that apply only to Labour Day for all employees whether rostered to work or not.

You can find the award here.


As previously advised, there is no formal UFUQ participation in the Brisbane Labour Day march or post-march function at the RNA exhibition grounds. We look forward to seeing you all there next year.

However, members in Brisbane and in all regions can of course make their own decisions about participation in any Labour Day marches or events.


Subsequent to the preliminary results for UFUQ State Executive positions I reported to you via email on Friday 23 April 2021, on Tuesday 27th April 2021, I received a further preliminary notification from the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) of the following results for all UFUQ Executive and UFUQ State Committee positions.

I am still not in receipt of the formal ECQ Declaration of Results, but I confirm below all of your new or returning Executive and SCM representatives.

State President:
Wayne McLean
(elected uncontested)

State Secretary:
John Oliver
(elected uncontested)

Assistant Secretary:
Shane Malley

Senior Vice President:
Peter Chalmers

Junior Vice President:
Sean Wulff

Executive member:
Paul Omanski

Executive member:
Phil Paff

Executive member:
Ryan Wood

Northern Region Officer Delegate:
Wayne Bridgman

Northern Region Firefighter Delegate:
Michael Wilson
(elected uncontested)

Central Region Officer Delegate:
Peter Guley

Central Region Firefighter Delegate:

South West Region Officer Delegate:
Kent Barron
(elected uncontested)

South West Region Firefighter Delegate:
Nathan Price
(elected uncontested)

North Coast Region Officer Delegate:
Jon Webb

North Coast Region Firefighter Delegate:
Bevan McPherson
(elected uncontested)

Brisbane Region Officer Delegates:
Jim Barnes
Scott Munro

Brisbane Region Firefighter Delegates:
Ken Humphreys
Richard McCluskey
William Goodwin
Peter Draper

South East Region Officer Delegate:
Dan McDonald

South East Region Firefighter Delegates:
Paul Gray
(elected uncontested)
Jarrod Ellmers
(elected uncontested)

Far Northern Region Officer Delegate:
Shane O’Connor

Far Northern Region Firefighter Delegate:
John McMartin

Auxiliary South Delegate:
Alex Darling
(elected uncontested)

Auxiliary North Delegate:

Communication Officer Delegate:
Tristana Brougham
(elected uncontested)

Senior Officer Delegate:

As the re-elected State Secretary, I again congratulate all successful candidates and welcome them to (or back to) their Executive and SCM positions, it is going to be an exciting and progressive four years for your union.  I also take this opportunity on your behalf to thank all outgoing delegates for their work over the past three years.

A further Code 2 will be issued once the Declaration of Results from the ECQ has been received.

John Oliver - General Secretary 

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD